UW Campus Sustainability Fund Project Funding

Letter of Intent Deadline:  March 27, 2017

Full Project Proposal Deadline:  April 24, 2017

The Campus Sustainability Fund (CSF) grew out of a vision of the student body to have a more substantive engagement with the University of Washington’s sustainability efforts. Its mission is to create a sustainable campus and foster an environmentally conscious university culture by funding student-led projects that lesson the university’s environmental impact.

Project Criteria:

  1. Environmental Impact: Projects must reduce the University’s environmental impact and/or create a more sustainable campus. The Fund will prioritize projects with measurable impact on, but not limited to, the following: carbon emissions, energy use, water use, waste, living systems and biodiversity, and pollutants and toxins.
  2. Student Leadership & Involvement: Projects that demonstrate a substantial degree of student leadership or student involvement will be prioritized.
  3. Education, Outreach, & Behavior Change: Projects must include educational and outreach components that help cultivate an aware and engaged campus community.
  4. Feasibility, Accountability, & Sustainability: Applicants must demonstrate that they have or can attain the technical knowledge, necessary approvals, and project management skills to complete projects successfully. The Fund encourages the use of a faculty or staff mentor, appropriate department support, and/or a line item in the budget for project management.  CSF monies must be used in a socially responsible manner—to be determined by the Committee.  Projects requiring ongoing maintenance or staffing not funded by the CSF should demonstrate a plan to meet long-term needs.

Applicants must be UW Seattle student with an official UW academic or administrative department sponsor, UW Seattle faculty, staff, or Registered Student Organization.


For complete information about this opportunity, including how to apply, click here.