UW Simpson Center Spring Funding Round: Graduate Student Interest Groups

Application deadline:   April 29, 2016

The Walter Chapin Simpson Center for the Humanities fosters intellectual discovery across boundaries, supporting crossdisciplinary exchange among scholars at the University of Washington and beyond. It is known internationally for its leadership in the digital humanities and public scholarship.

Graduate Student Interest Groups (GIGs) are intended to foster crossdisciplinary collaboration and inquiry in the form of cross-departmental reading, screening, and/or discussion groups, dissertation working groups, and other activities. GIGs may organize activities that draw on local intellectual and cultural resources, including faculty and community leaders.

Funding is available for GIGs (up to $1,000) and is primarily intended to support meeting or workshop costs (e.g., refreshments or reproductions).

For complete information about this opportunity, see: http://simpsoncenter.org/apply/collaborative-projects/graduate-interest-groups

For information about other Simpson Center funding opportunities (including the Fall funding round), see: http://simpsoncenter.org/apply/before-you-apply/Fall-Spring-Funding-Round-Overview