UCLA Labor Center Dream Summer Program

Application deadline:   March 4, 2016

The Dream Summer program has provided over 500 fellowship opportunities to immigrant youth and allies throughout the nation. Dream Summer participants have engaged in social justice work and movement building by addressing the intersections of immigrant rights issues with queer and transgender communities, the Asian Pacific Islander community, mass incarceration and deportations perpetuated by the criminalization of people of color, and health care access for all.

Participants are placed in social justice organizations for 10 weeks. Dream Summer fellows work closely with their host organization to incorporate and strengthen the inclusion of undocumented immigrant issues onto the organization’s social justice work.

Dream Summer participants receive a $5,000 award for their completion and participation in the program.

Dream Summer generally admits youth applicants from the ages of 18-28, though there are exceptions based on applicant circumstances. Dream Summer is open to undocumented immigrant youth and allies. College or university enrollment is not required. See the program FAQ for more details.

For complete information about this opportunity, see: http://www.labor.ucla.edu/what-we-do/dream-resource-center/dream-summer/dsapplicants/