Spring 2016 GSA Position in the College of Education

Application deadline:   February 22, 2016

Notification deadline:  March 11, 2016
Start date:  March 16, 2016

Under the supervision of the Student Services Specialist for Graduate Programs, this 50% FTE position is responsible for improving the recruitment and retention of  underrepresented and marginalized populations (i.e. students of color, international students, 1st generation students, LGBTQ students and allies, etc.) by fostering a supportive learning environment and promoting a multicultural perspective
throughout the College of Education.

The Office of Student Diversity and Inclusion (OSDI) is a dynamic and inclusive office that supports students in their graduate school application process and academic and personal experiences here at the College of Education. The OSDI works with prospective students from underrepresented and marginalized populations in learning more about program offerings, application options, and funding opportunities. Additionally, the OSDI supports current students by providing community building events and activities, cross-cultural learning and engagement, and opportunities for students’ intellectual and personal growth. This position works closely with other offices and entities in the College and elsewhere on campus to ensure that students may avail themselves of all existing services. The position has responsibility for cultivating contacts with on- and off-campus groups and building upon College and University relationships with these groups for the purpose of recruiting and retaining ethnically diverse, international, and other historically marginalized student populations.

This position will function as a member of a three-person Graduate Staff Assistant team that has collective responsibility for several functions, including outreach, recruitment, retention, event planning, and office coordination. Each team member will assume lead responsibility for one or more functions; however, any team member may be called up on to perform or assist with any of the following characteristic duties & responsibilities of staff in the Office of Student Diversity and Inclusion:

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Establish and maintain connections to other campus offices (i.e. GO-MAP, OMAD, ECC, FIUTS) to facilitate outreach activities.
  • Provide support, assistance, and referrals to resources on campus and within the community.
  • Initiate and maintain contact with prospective students who are referred from College of Education recruiters; serve as an additional resource for diverse prospective students.
  • Attend college and information fairs at the UW and in the Seattle metropolitan area; make visits to local community colleges.
  • Make deliberate contacts with diverse prospective students once offers of admission have been made by the College’s academic programs.
  • Advertise and promote available scholarships, internship programs, and other financial assistance available to students.
  • Build effective and collaborative working relationships within and across diverse populations, including students (undergraduate, graduate, and professional), faculty and staff.
  • Plan and implement social, community-building, and professional development opportunities for ethnically diverse, international and other marginalized student populations; promote campus and community events and resources of interest.
  • Assist in the implementation of long-range student recruitment and retention programs and strategies; suggest improvements to those strategies.
  • Assist in the development of year-long plan with strategic goals and expected outcomes.
  • Assess on a regular basis the concerns and issues of diverse student populations; design and implement programming to anticipate and/or respond to those concerns and issues.
  • Hold meetings and interface with the OSDI Advisory Board regarding the concerns of diverse student populations.
  • Maintain and update OSDI web presence on the College of Education website and social media accounts.
  • Seek ways to promote understanding and awareness of cultural and academic expectations for diverse student populations.
  • Serve as a liaison between OSDI and at least one College of Education standing committee (i.e. Student Support & Advancement Committee) or student organization (i.e. ASCE, IECE, TERI, and QEC)
  • Contribute as a member of the Office of Student Services team, including attending staff meetings, assisting with front desk coverage, and participating in the planning and execution of college-wide events such as orientation, Prospective Student Days, Education Day in the Quad, and the College of Education Graduation.
  • Plan for following year and prepare transition for successors.

Candidates must be registered for a minimum of 10 credit hours per quarter. A demonstrated awareness and understanding of concerns and issues experienced by underrepresented and marginalized populations (i.e. students of color, international students, 1st generation students, LGBTQ students and allies, etc.). Prior experience in advising, recruitment, and/or research with ethnically diverse, international and other marginalized student populations is strongly preferred.

Desirable qualifications:
Admitted to a College of Education graduate program. Possess excellent interpersonal and communication skills, and aptitude to navigate sensitive situations. Ability to work with and relate to prospective and current students, staff, and faculty.

How to apply:
Please send a cover letter and resume via email to: https://catalyst.uw.edu/collectit/dropbox/norahf/37491
Questions can be directed to: Norah Fisher (norahf at uw.edu) or Martin Howell (mthowell at uw.edu).
Review of applications will begin upon receipt. Late applications will not be reviewed.