2016-2017 Predoctoral Instructor Positions in the CHID Program

Application deadline:   November 30, 2015

Notification:  December 7, 2015
Acceptance: December 7, 2015

The Comparative History of Ideas Program is currently seeking applications for multiple single-quarter 20-hour/week Pre-(and Post)Doctoral Instructor appointments for the 2016-17 academic year.


Basic responsibilities include:

  • Responsible for all aspects of planning and teaching a course, which includes:
  • Preparation and/or revision of syllabus
  • Preparation and/or revision of course reader
  • Leading all class meetings
  • Hold weekly office hours
  • Manage and respond to course-related e-mail
  • Prepare test questions
  • Proctor exams
  • Score exams
  • Maintain grading records
  • Prepare course attendance records
  • Maintain course attendance records
  • Maintain records on individual students’ assignment completion
  • Calculate quarter grades
  • Request student assessments for course
  • Coordinate with OEA for course evaluations


All doctoral candidates currently enrolled in the University of Washington are eligible to apply for pre-doctoral instructor positions in CHID. Strong preference is given to graduate students with an interdisciplinary background in the arts, humanities, and social sciences.

Successful proposals (no more than 2 per applicant) will include a section describing the intellectual and curricular goals of the class in addition to a reading and assignment schedule. Applicants should also address how the class fits into the CHID curriculum as far as our major requirement categories (“Power and Difference”, Ideas in the World”, “Cultural and Historical Encounters”: http://chid.washington.edu/chid-major-requirements) as well as class types (see below).

Additionally, please include desired class size and the quarter you would prefer to offer the class. In general, CHID 250 has an enrollment of 40 and CHID 390, CHID 480, CHID 490, and CHID 495 have an enrollment cap of 25. If there are any additional course fees, please indicate that in the proposal. CHID is particularly interested in proposals that address the following themes:

  • Affect (especially a 200-level course)
  • Global Indigeneity
  • New Media/Pop Culture (critical gaming, comics, graphic novels, etc)
  • Politics of aesthetics
  • Writing (composition, creative writing, creative non-fiction)
  • Cultural Politics of Music
  • Knowledge production/creation

Class types:

CHID 250 Special Topics: Introduction to the History of Ideas (5) I&S
Examines a different subject or problem from a comparative framework. Satisfies the Group A major/minor requirement.
CHID 390 Colloquium in the History of Ideas (5) I&S
Basic theoretical issues in the comparative history of ideas as a disciplined mode of inquiry; examination of representative historical figures and problems. Primarily for majors.
CHID 480 Special Topics: Advanced Study of the History of Ideas (5) I&S
Examines a different subject or problem from a comparative framework with an interdisciplinary perspective.
CHID 490 Research Seminar (5) VLPA/I&S
Intensive readings in specific topic. Students complete individual research projects. Satisfies the CHID senior thesis requirement. Prerequisite: CHID 390.
CHID 495 Close Readings in Theory (5) I&S
Close readings of a specific work, author, artist, or body of work.

How to apply:

Application materials are due 11/30/2015 by midnight either via email to María Elena García and Mona Halcomb in CHID. They can be submitted electronically to meg71 @ uw.edu and mhal7 @ uw.edu or in hard copy to the CHID main office in Padelford B102.

This classification is governed by a negotiated labor contract and is subject to union shop provisions. For more information about union shop provisions, visit Union Information.

For complete information about this opportunity, see UW Hires Req #126886