2015-2016 RA Position in the Center for Leadership in Athletics

Application deadline:   May 29, 2015

Notification: June 5, 2015
Start Date: September 16, 2015

Basic Function: Under the direction of the Center for Leadership in Athletics Research Faculty, the RA will be responsible for providing research support to ongoing and new research projects in the Center. The RA will be primarily responsible for continued development of a frontend application and monitoring the backend for the Intercollegiate Athletics Leadership (IAL) database. In addition, utilizing Tableau for various data visualizations and statistical analysis based on data from the IAL database.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: The Center for Leadership in Athletics Research Graduate Assistant focuses on research activities related to leadership and development of practices enhancing the educational experiences of students in and through athletics. This position will be 50% FTE for the autumn, winter, and spring quarters with the option for summer 2016. This RA provides research assistance in the following areas:

  • SQL database backend database management, frontend development; data cleaning and management, setting up documentation methods, reporting from the database,
  • Clean and prepare the 2015 data for upload. Perform data audits to ensure data accuracy and consistency. Upload 2015 data to the database and on Heroku.
  • Perform data analysis and create data reports for ongoing research papers/projects. Knowledge of statistical R for data analysis is preferred.

Other Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Secondary data analysis of the NCAA GOALS 2006 and SACS data sets including but not limited to: building a Zotero library, statistical analysis, and journal manuscript preparation.
  • Grant writing, proposals, presentations for research conferences and other audiences.
  • Other duties that advance the initiatives of the Center as assigned.

Requirements: Must be an admitted graduate student and registered for 10 credits per quarter of employment. Must have previous experience with statistical analysis techniques, software, and SQL database management. Must have previous experience with frontend and enterprise application development. Strong communication and organizational skills desired, including the ability to make professional presentations and contribute to professional publications desired.

Skills: Javascript, HTML, CSS, JSP, R, SQL, Java, Tableau, Excel, Heroku

Submit: Please send a cover letter and resume to:
Dr. Jennifer Hoffman,
College of Education,
Center for Leadership in Athletics