Byron Hanke Fellowship

Application deadline:   May 1, 2015

The Byron Hanke Fellowship is available to graduate students working on topics related to community associations. Community associations govern common-interest communities of any kind—condominiums, cooperatives, townhouse developments, planned unit developments, and other developments where homeowners support an association with mandatory financial assessments, and are subject to use and aesthetic restrictions.

The Hanke Fellowship stipends range from $3,000-$5,000 over one year, or as determined by the Foundation. The Foundation Executive Committee maintains the right to determine the amount of the stipend.

Complete fellowship information can be found here:

Eligibility Requirements

Hanke Fellowship applicants must be enrolled in an accredited master’s, doctoral, or law program in the United States of America or Canada. Students of all disciplines are welcome to apply for the Hanke Fellowship, provided their studies relate to community associations generally and to the topic of the candidate’s proposed community associations research project.

Areas and Topics of Study

Fellows are expected to prepare a research paper on community associations. The Foundation recognizes and rewards outstanding achievement in the academic study of community associations. Papers submitted for the Byron Hanke Fellowship have come from a wide range of academic disciplines, including law, economics, sociology, and urban planning. These disciplines are appropriate areas of graduate studies for a Hanke Fellowship, along with any others which the Foundation may be persuaded are relevant to community associations.

Within the field of community associations and common-interest communities, Hanke Fellowship projects may address:

  • management,
  • institutions,
  • organization and administration,
  • public policy,
  • architecture,
  • as well as political, economic, social, and intellectual trends in community association housing.

Sample topics include:

  • Financial Calamities and Collapses: Insolvencies, Termination, Dissolution, Receivership and Foreclosures
  • Aging in Place: Buildings and Residents
  • Sustainable Communities: Definitions, Benchmarks and Case Studies

Projects may focus on either applied or theoretical research. The Foundation is especially interested in substantive papers from the social sciences, which place community association housing within political or economic organizational models. In all cases, the topic must have the approval of the graduate student’s general academic advisor, or of another full-time faculty member who will supervise the Hanke Fellow’s project. The project topic must have potential of furthering understanding of residential community associations.

Application Process

We are accepting applications for the Fall 2015 scholarship. The application can be downloaded here (PDF).

Project abstracts and applications should be sent directly to the Foundation for Community Association Research at or to 6402 Arlington Boulevard, Suite 500, Falls Church, VA 22042, attn: Hanke Fellowship. For more information, contact the Foundation at (888) 224-4321 or .