UW Stroum Fellowship

Letter of intent deadline:   January 20, 2015

Application deadline:   February 23, 2015

Samuel and Althea Stroum Endowed Graduate Fellowship

The University of Washington (UW) Graduate School in conjunction with the Diabetes Research Center (DRC) is soliciting applications for a graduate fellowship designed to broaden participation in research related to diabetes and its complications at the UW.  This fellowship is made possible by an endowment from Samuel and Althea Stroum, who are UW benefactors and generous supporters of other civic and charitable organizations in the Seattle area. Selection of the fellowship recipient will be made by the Dean of the UW Graduate School upon recommendation from the UW DRC, and will be based on academic merit, research training environment, and relevance of the applicant’s graduate research to diabetes.

Purpose:  To support the training of promising graduate students in diabetes-related research.

Eligibility:  Any registered UW full-time graduate student pursuing diabetes-related research in a Ph.D. degree-granting program.  Eligible disciplines include but are not limited to the basic and health sciences, social sciences and arts/humanities.  Eligible applicants must have passed their general exam prior to the funding start date of July 1, 2015.  (Students in M.D., Pharm.D., D.D.S. and J.D. programs are not eligible.  Masters Degree applicants may be eligible in certain departments and require prior approval).

Support:  One award of $20,000 toward graduate student stipend and benefits is available.  The tenure of the fellowship is one year.  Carryovers and extensions are not permitted.  (Students in fee-based graduate programs should check with their program administrator for questions related to tuition waivers).  Funding begins July 1, 2015.

Application:  Prospective applicants must submit a mandatory letter of intent (LOI) that summarizes pertinent information needed to assess eligibility.  Please download the 2015 LOI form.  LOIs submitted in other formats will not be accepted.

Letters of Intent are due by January 20, 2015 and are to be uploaded at http://depts.washington.edu/diabetes/2015_Stroum_Fellowship_Call_Form

Eligible applicants will be given detailed instructions regarding the application process.  Prospective applicants and their dissertation supervisory committee chairs are encouraged to direct questions regarding eligibility and application procedures to either Dr. Sakeneh Zraika (Director, P&F Programs) or Dr. Chris Hampe (Associate Director, P&F Programs) prior to submitting a LOI.  Applications require approval by the applicant’s departmental chairperson and dissertation supervisory committee chair.

Important:  Approvals for human subjects, animal use and/or biohazards must be obtained from the appropriate UW review committees prior to initiation of funding but are not required for submitting the application.  Since procedures for obtaining these approvals can be lengthy, prospective applicants should discuss with their dissertation committee the feasibility of obtaining the necessary approvals prior to the start date of the award.  Delayed approvals will not be grounds for an extension of the award.

For more information, see http://depts.washington.edu/diabetes/2015_Stroum_Fellowship_Call_Form