Winter 2015 TA Positions in the School of Nursing

Application deadlines:   December 18 & 19, 2014

The UW School of Nursing has several Graduate Teaching Assistantships available for Winter Quarter 2015.

See the complete job descriptions at the links below.

NSG 551 and NSG 552 Teaching Assistant
(application deadline: December 19, 2014)
NSG 551 is a DNP 2.0 course that critically analyzes the politics of health policy in the United States and examines leadership and advocacy in influencing politics and policy to address and influence health outcomes.
NSG 552 is a DNP 2.0 course that examines fundamental concepts, emerging theory, research, and intervention strategies regarding the influence and mechanisms of environmental and societal factors on health at population, community, and individual levels.

NURS 201 Teaching Assistant
(application deadline: December 18, 2014)
NURS 201 focuses on processes of human growth and development from prenatal life to old age.  Emphasizes influence of biological, socio-economic, and cultural factors on growth and development, and how awareness of growth and development theory and research can help guide health promotional efforts directed towards persons of various ages and life styles.