Foreign Language & Area Studies Fellowships (FLAS) Info Sessions

Application Deadline:   January 30, 2015

Information Sessions:

  • Undergraduate Fellowships Fair, Oct. 30, 10-2, Mary Gates Hall, FLAS Session 3:30-4:30 MGH 171
  • Thomson Hall Rm 317: Tu Nov. 04, 3:30-4:30, Th Nov. 20, 2:30-3:30; Th Dec. 4, 3:30-4:30
  • Smith Hall Rm 309: Wed Nov. 12, 3:30-4:30
  • UW Tacoma International Week, CP 331 (Cherry Parkes), Nov. 19, 12:30 PM

Information Sessions will cover FLAS benefits and requirements, the application process, and the use of FLAS awards abroad.

Program description:

Foreign Language & Area Studies Fellowships (FLAS) are available to undergraduate, graduate and professional students who are U.S. citizens and permanent residents.  FLAS Fellowships support the study of the following languages and their world regions:
-Arabic -Bangla -Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian -Bulgarian -Burmese -Canadian First Nations -Chinese -Czech -Danish -Estonian -Filipino/Tagalog -Finnish -French -German -Hebrew -Hindi -Indonesian/Malay -Italian -Japanese -Kazakh -Khmer -Korean -Latvian -Lithuanian -Norwegian -Persian -Polish -Portuguese -Russian -Slovenian -Spanish -Swahili -Swedish -Tajik -Thai -Turkish -Uighur -Urdu -Uzbek -Vietnamese

FLAS fellowships award tuition and a living stipend as follows:

Academic Year Graduate:        $18,000 tuition, $15,000 living stipend
Academic Year Undergraduate:    $10,000 tuition, $5,000 living stipend
Summer Graduate/Undergraduate:    $5,000 tuition, $2,500 living stipend

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