Bullitt Environmental Fellowship

Bullitt Environmental Fellowship

Deadline: April 1, 2014

The Bullitt Environmental Fellowship is a two-year, $50,000/year fellowship for graduate students interested in pursuing leadership positions within the environmental field.

The Bullitt Environmental Fellowship is offered in memory of longtime Foundation Chair, Priscilla Bullitt Collins. In her honor, an outstanding, environmentally knowledgeable graduate student from a community under-represented in the environmental movement, who has demonstrated exceptional capacity for leadership as well as scholarship, will receive a two-year, $50,000/year fellowship award. The Foundation encourages applications from a broad diversity of students, with a particular emphasis on students of color and others who have overcome discrimination or other significant hardships.

Priscilla (Patsy) Bullitt Collins who devoted much of her life to working for the public good, donating first her time and energy and then—after receiving a multi-million-dollar inheritance—donating all of her money to causes she believed in. She embraced the idea of stewardship, supporting projects that touched the future in some way, whether by nurturing a love of reading in children or setting aside open spaces for generations to come.


Eligible applicants must first secure a recommendation from a faculty member. Only faculty recommended applications will be considered.

Eligible applicants will be:

  • Currently enrolled in a graduate candidate program, not restricted to environmental studies;
  • Prepared to demonstrate a strong desire and capacity for leadership; and
  • Seeking leadership opportunities to make substantial contributions to the environmental field.

Please visit the Fellowship FAQ if you have specific eligibility questions.


The fellowship is offered to graduate students attending universities physically located within the Foundation’s areas of focus: Washington, Oregon, Idaho, western Montana, southern Alaska, and British Columbia. The Bullitt Foundation supports efforts in these states to build regional model of a healthy, sustainable environment.

  • Applications must be submitted through our Online Application Portal. Applications may be started on or after January 1st, and must be submitted NOT LATER THAN April 1st.
  • All applications will be reviewed and scored based on faculty recommendations, applicant responses, and thoroughness of the application package. A confirmation of receipt will be provided to each eligible applicant.
  • A blue-ribbon selection panel will review finalist applications and an in-person interview will be required for final selection. Interviews are held in mid-June at the Foundation office in Seattle.
  • Award recipient must be willing to attend an award event to be held in Seattle, Washington at a date to be announced.
  • No hardcopy applications are available.

Inquiries may be directed to: info@bullitt.org