Federal Funding During Government Shut Down

Just wanted to direct anyone interested in or involved with federal funding to this information provided by Cortney Leach (Research Development Manager at UW):

If you are a PI with current federal grant support or intend to submit a proposal for federal funding in the near future please read on. As you are doubtlessly aware, a partial federal government shutdown is in place. While we do not anticipate this will have significant short term impacts on research activities, the shutdown is affecting the activities and services of our federal sponsors. UW OSP and the Office of Research are updating our office as information that may impact our community becomes available.  In those cases where award-specific guidance is provided by a sponsor, OSP will immediately notify the PI and Administrative Contact on the eGC1. For information regarding known impacts for specific sponsors and for human subjects activities conducted in partnership with federal agencies (e.g., Veteran’s Administration), please see below.

For IMLS grantees: http://www.imls.gov/assets/1/AssetManager/ShutdownFAQ_Grantees.pdf

For NSF grantees: http://www.nsf.gov/

  • NSF website, FastLane and Research.gov will be unavailable
  • NSF will not be available to respond to emails or phone calls during the shutdown
  • Work may continue on all awards to the extent that doing so will not require federal staff intervention and that funds are available
  • Follow-on guidance will be issued once the Federal Government resumes normal operations

For Department of Defense grantees:

  • Work may continue for all fully funded contracts that were awarded prior to the expiration of appropriation
  • New contacts will not be executed during the shutdown


  • eRA Commons will be unavailable
  • Staff will not be available to provide routine administrative support services
  • HHS will maintain Grants.gov in operational status (see below)


  • Grants.gov will be up and running. Applications can be submitted, but they will not be forwarded to any of the 26 Federal funding agencies. These applications will be in a holding pattern until the Federal systems are back online. Once a shutdown is over and the Federal systems back online, these applications will complete the submission process.
  • SAGE Grant Runner applications will work the same as Adobe Forms submission (described above). SAGE eGC1 will show the Grants.gov status updates in the history. When an application eventually reaches NIH then their status updates will be added to the history.
  • The Grants.gov Contact Center will remain available.
  • The Grants.gov Program Management Office will send updates to the federal grantor community regarding the status of Grants.gov as plans evolve.

Human subjects research involving federal agency IRBs (e.g., VA hospital)

  • Impact will most likely be limited to some new studies that have not yet received IRB approval, where delays for a variety of reasons are possible. A table has been posted to the UW HSD website summarizes the information currently available and suggestions for action.

If you have specific questions or concerns related to federal granting agencies and the partial shutdown, please contact Shannon Gilmore and Steve Flaherty.