Research Assistantships (2 positions, Fall Quarter) – ChronoZoom Project

Deadline: September 30, 2012

Research Assistants (2)– ChronoZoom Project – Autumn 2012

University of Washington Information School

Job Dates: 10/1/2012 – 12/15/2012
Deadline to Apply: Sun, 09/30/2012 (All day)
End date: December 15, 2012, depending on funding, these positions may be extended into winter quarter.

These positions average of 20 hours per week.

Project Description
The University of Washington Information School has an outstanding opportunity for two research assistants to contribute to the ChronoZoom Project ( sponsored by Microsoft Research. ChronoZoom 2.0 is focused on providing a dynamic, interactive cloud based data visualization tool for Big History. When completed, this project will be online and freely available to anyone interested in using it as an educator, a student and/or a researcher.  This project focuses on enabling ChronoZoom structure success.

Position Description

  • Deliver and execute content strategy:
    • Part1: Determine the best regime or data views from 13.7 billion years to today.  Decide on a strategy to determine what the most important events should be in each regime, where to get the content, who are the best researchers to contact to populate these events (lectures, images, data, figures, e documents, publications, etc.
    • Part 2: Investigate what are the best repositories and digital libraries and digital collections that should be visible in ChronoZoom.  Detail what information is provided and how to put in a timeline view.  Determine the prioritization of repositories, collections and libraries to elicit partnership with ChronoZoom and timeline to be implemented.
    • Part 3: Lastly, investigate interested parties wanting to work with project.  Determine prioritization in when and if quality is there to partner.  Also, determine who are possible experts and organizations to partner with like (CERN, UNESCO, Smithsonian, etc.)
    • Part 4: Begin to design and develop the taxonomic structure best able to support the ongoing use of content added to ChronoZoom:  Including but not limited to, defining a standard metadata schema and rules for term entry; investigating how to enable automatic data integration from digital repositories; and working with technical partners to ensure better search, flagging, filtering, relationships and data connections.
  • Work closely with the Overall Project lead at UC Berkeley and the technical lead at UW


  • Enrolled in a master’s or PhD program
  • Experience in large scale information organization and visualization
  • Knowledge of or experience with search algorithms, automated indexing tools, and auto-categorization software
  • Strong desk research skills
  • Strong organizational skills and positive work practices (i.e., take initiative, flexible with shifting priorities, and the ability to work collaboratively as part of a team)

Desired Qualifications

  • Currently enrolled MLIS, MSIM, or Information School PhD student
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Prior experience in working with distributed project teams
  • Familiarity with Big History and timeline displays of complex information

These positions are open to University of Washington Master’s and PhD level students who will be enrolled full time (10 credits) during autumn quarter 2012. Students are eligible for a tuition waiver and benefits (percentage of tuition covered is dependent upon the program the student is enrolled in). Questions regarding salary and benefits should be directed to Crystal Yost, Assistant HR Manager .

For full description and application instructions, see: