Simpson Center Graduate Research Fellowships – 2011

Fall 2011 Application Deadline: November 16, 2011
Proposals Accepted Starting Monday, October 17

The Simpson Center for the Humanities seeks to support innovative crossdisciplinary research and to integrate that research with teaching at the graduate level and programs designed to engage larger publics. We sponsor a wide range of activities, including collaborative research groups, scholarly conferences and symposia, and a fellowship program for UW faculty and doctoral students. We also support public programs in the humanities, which we construe broadly to include projects and topics of humanistic interest in the social sciences, sciences, professions, and arts. The main purpose of our support is not to provide permanent funding for ongoing programs but, rather, to assist in the development of new ideas and projects.

Graduate Research Fellowships (Society of Scholars)

Graduate students who have advanced to candidacy by November 2009 are invited to apply for Simpson Center Research Fellowships to work on their dissertations and to participate in the biweekly meetings of the fellows throughout the academic year.

Three awards are made to dissertators annually. Awards are based on the scholarly merit of the applications. Scholarship likely to contribute to intellectual exchange among a diverse group of colleagues is especially encouraged.

Graduate research fellows of the Society of Scholars receive two quarters of support, including benefits and a tuition waiver for those two quarters, and participate in the biweekly meetings of the fellows throughout the academic year. The fellowship is not appropriate for projects requiring significant periods of time spent away from the University during the fellowship term.

It may be helpful for applicants to refer to the National Endowment for the Humanities’ guidelines for the preparation of proposal narratives.

NOTE: In their letter of support, dissertation directors must address their advisee’s readiness for advanced dissertation writing and the feasibility of their work plans for the fellowship year.

Simpson Center for the Humanities at the University of Washington