Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) Postgraduate Awards in Arts and Humanities

Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) Postgraduate Awards in Arts and Humanities

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Doctoral awards provide support for up to three years of full-time study, or up to five years of part-time study (and in exceptional cases full-time up to four years or part-time up to seven years), to enable you to pursue and complete a programme of doctoral research and gain a doctoral degree.
In awarding studentships for doctoral research AHRC assumes that a doctoral thesis is a piece of work that:

  • exhibits substantial evidence of original scholarship and contains material that can be prepared for publication, and
  • can be produced by a capable, well-qualified and dilligent student, properly supervised and supported, within the period of award.

AHRC expects full-time award holders to submit their doctoral thesis within four years of the start of the award. Part-time students should submit their thesis within seven years.

AHRC uses a system of peer review for all applications. Peer Review works within four subject areas and each application must sit within one of these areas, regardless of whether it will be viewed by a panel of assessors. These areas are:

Panel A
This panel covers research relating to history, philosophy, religious studies and law.

Panel B
This panel covers research relating to contemporary arts practice, theory in art, design and media, architecture, visual arts, creative writing, music, dance, drama and theatre studies.

Panel C
This panel covers research relating to art history, conservation of art and textiles, dictionaries and databases, cultural geography, archaeology, classics and library, information and museum studies.

Panel D
This panel covers research relating to journalism, media and communication studies, American studies, cultural studies and popular culture, gender and sexuality, lifewriting, literary and cultural theory, post-colonial studies, text editing and bibliography, English language and literature, linguistics and modern languages.

Additional Contacts:
The AHRC work with the RCUK Shared Services Centre (SSC) to deliver all of our funding activities. All queries regarding eligibility for funding and applications in progress and also queries regarding current awards, should be directed to the SSC team dealing with the subject area using the contacts page.


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